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İsim Görüntülenme
Even Though I’m the Villainess, I’ll Become the Heroine! 33085
In This Life, I Will Be The Lord 44170
Change Your Path 42147
Fairy’s Armament 5856
Fantasies Are Reality's Tears 5776
Cape of Spirits 33685
For My Hero (ONE-SHOT) 3542
Cadı ve Boğa 52643
Fruit of the Tongue 29560
Father, I Don’t Want to Get Married 100328
Game of Doppelgänger 3758
Gong Heon Ja 28647
Gourmet Hound 5725
Lambanın Aminası 142258
Handsome, You Won't Get Me 63036
I Am the Precious Daughter of the Greatest Villain in the Fantasy World (One-Shot) 10262
Happy Ending for the Limited Time Villainess 174434
I Became the Villain's Mother 593713
Hundred Years Game 2334
I Met the Male Lead in Prison (One-Shot) 8999
I Raised an Obsessive Servant (ONE-SHOT) 9034
Holy Idol 8701
I'm the Main Protagonist from Today (Promo) 4596
His Highness, Don't Leave! I Will Lose Weight for You! 193280
I’m Stanning the Prince 339166
Hero Manager 28313
Is It Fortune or Is It Woe? 41104
It's Mine TR 23525
Hero Killer 17739
Jackson’s Diary 15766
Just a Girl He Knows 60480
KAÇIŞ 2901
Kuchi Ga Saketemo Kimi Niwa 6421
Kötü Kadının Adaleti 1843200
I Became a Maid in a TL Novel 4428
Kontun Ailesinin Beş Para Etmezi 51390
I Became the Younger Sister of a Regretful Obsessive Male Lead (One-Shot) 8926
Kill the Villainess 157730
I Don't Want to Be a Magpie Bridge (ONE-SHOT) 5472
Kemikler Bile Değil 62186
I Met the Male Lead in Prison 68871
I Only Treat Villains (One-Shot) 5329
I'm the Male Lead's "Girl" Friend 135216
Imperfect Pervert 315517
Infinite Viral Infection 65173
Lütfen Beni Yeme 189175
Lost in Translation 17773
Locker & Opener 9187
Little Matcha Girl 1960
Limited Time Princess 31161
Lamia Orphe Öldü 161435
Lady Baby 117504
Lab Mice Game 768
Nano Machine Türkçe 120760
No Better Than Strangers 84557
Nine Days of Martial Arts 5534
Pathfinder 36043
Pond Snail Robber 16248
Obey Me 20016
Purple Hyacinth 222898
Positively yours 91670
Martial Master 122135
Oh! My Assistant 7085
Oblivion Tears 6052
Tanıştığıma Memnun Oldum 156680
Melvina's Therapy 23278
The Duke's Daughter Is Going on Strike (One-Shot) 7522
The Double Agent 28344
The Door 12025
Meşe Ağacının Altında 234676
The Devil's Boy 38632
The Demon Lord Wants to Die 71899
Monochrome (One-shot) 1751
The Crown Princess Audition 128212
The Crown Prince's Fiancee (One-Shot) 9468
MY BUU 61609
The Blood of Madam Giselle 415748
The Baby Raising a Devil(One-Shot) 13435
The Baby Isn't Yours (One-Shot) 7754
My Lord, The Wolf Queen 181130
My Temp Job as the Youngest Daughter (One-Shot) 3933
My Three Tyrant Brothers 16316
Teddy & Bear 21862
My Wife Is Actually the Empress? 11703
Tarantella (One-Shot) 1598
The King's Avatar 27269
The King of Bugs 5422
Rain Shower 15155
Reika 3606
The Habbit (One-Shot) 1453
Resurrection of the Catastrophic Hero 1789
The Great Wish 98328
The Golden Haired Wizard 6421
The Girl Hiding in the Wall 71079
The First Night With the Duke 188683
Save Me TR 36299
Secret Class 125259
Senin Emrinde TR 1002416
Shadow Queen 530790
She's Hopeless 5568
The Predatory Marriage Between the King and the Paladin 27031
Shotgun Boy 48320
The Precious Sister of the Villainous Grand Duke 45118
The Omniscient Point of View of an Unrequited Love 56416
Sica Wolf 28981
The Newlywed Life of a Witch and a Dragon 15812
The Moon and the 1/2 Lovers 133687
The Max Level Hero Has Returned! 111253
Sickly? Husband's Contractual Wife (One-Shot) 3420
Sign 58916
Sketch 13326
Soulmate 28844
Spirit Fingers 5722
The Strongest Girl 5244
Star Children 2574
The Sacrificial Princess 23655
The Royal Prince's First Love 30706
Stay Awake All Night 85006
Steel Fist Attack 4149
The Queen Of Killers 68459
Stepmother's Friends 871106
Suicide boy 233157
The Princess in the Dumpster 232152
The Warrior From the Golden Days 4978
Supernova 3561
A Night With the Emperor 38853
Supreme Taoist 5292
The Villainess Reverses the Hourglass 966175
URİAH 2184
The Villain Demands I Love Him (One-Shot) 3779
The Tyrant's Tranquilizer (One-Shot) 3045
Villainess Maker (One-Shot) 8988
Virus Girlfriend 278587
Youth 183415
A Strange World 6985
Why The King Needs A Secretary 37568
Winged 6992
Welcome, It's The First Time With This Kind Of Villainess 12422
Who Made Me A Princess 69502
Witch Creek Road 9131
Dungeons & Artifacts 5498
Dr. Frost 99397
Don't Cry, Sunbae! 134002
Death's Game 31205
Dents 9579
The Lady Is a Stalker 15242
I Am the Precious Daughter of the Greatest Villain in the Fantasy World 25575
You've Come to the Wrong House, Villain (One-Shot) 9941
Arma 3838
Today Living With You 77128
Comedown Machine 59897
Dead Life 987
I Can See Your Stats! 1102
April Flowers 7706
Pairing Names 1703
I Am the Male Lead's Ex-Girlfriend 23408
The Tyrant's Only Perfumer 3004
The Tyrant's Tranquilizer 19989
Viper 2058
Pure White Elizabeth 39805
Anyone Can Become a Villainess 83597
The Duchess Who Sees Ghosts 1377
The End of this Fairy Tale is a Soap Opera 970
Beatrice 703680
Alissa and the Magic Diary (One-Shot) 4185
Blood Blade 9492
Boutique at 97th Sheldon Street 18309
As If Daughter 296607
As You Wish, Prince 223416
Deor 94850
Don't Be Obsessed With A Spirit Like Me (ONE-SHOT) 2554
Cosplay Dysphoria (One-Shot) 1812
Dragnarok 18080
Contract Concubine 48215
Düşesin 50 Çay Tarifi 1075908
Emir(One-Shot) 2224
Enoch 1411
Evil Knight 127175
Emilone's Temptation Labyrinth (PROMO) 4541
Empress Of The Another World 92424
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